• Poker Stars

    Every week we see their faces alongside sport stars and other celebrities. They might be celebrities themselves to begin with and the moment they turn to poker and participate in a big tournament the press is there to let us know it. Many times it is a completely unknown face that makes it to the headlines for having made a final position in a poker tournament. People are fascinated and impressed by these new heroes and this game does open up for new forms of competition and entertainment.

    Special features of the Poker Star

    There seem to be two kinds of poker stars https://slotcarwiki.info/ that get the most attention in the media. One is the complete rookie that the day before was known only to his room mate in a dorm in some far off university in no-where-land. The person is described as the most common of common and it amazes people that such a normal boring human being can make such huge amount of money and become famous at the same time.

    The other poker star was already famous before he jumped into the world of poker. In this case people seem to be amazed that a person who used to entertain with his or her voice also seems to have brains enough to win in poker. It is a fact that poker takes a certain amount of intelligence. Luck is also part of the game but most people will agree that a poker star is a smart person.

  • Property Features

    The Rivendell Penthouse is a comfortable and luxurious flat situated at 931 Sussex Lane San Francisco, CA 94110. The unit was completed in 1963 and is in perfect condition with everything completely updated.

    On the lower level are a spacious entertainment room, three additional bedrooms, two additional baths. Above the garage is a huge room with two single beds and sufficient amount of space for guests.

    All major rooms has an amazing city view, uninterrupted by other homes or buildings and is located in the heart of the city.

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    0.24 ACRES








    126 SPACES



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    Excelsior Estates

    1329 Carroll Ave, Los Angeles, California
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